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Over 120 Pages.


Dozens of Historic Photos.


Oral Histories With Engineers Who Made The CK722 Possible.


Emails from Those Who Remember This Transistor.


Reviews of Classic Books and Magazine Articles With The CK722.


New Projects.


A New Adventure For Carl and Jerry, With Their First Transistor - a CK722!


A Two CDROM Set - Includes a Data CD with New Projects and the Complete 120+ Page Book, and an Audio CD with Over One Hour of Oral Histories and a Narrated Version of the New Carl and Jerry CK722 Adventure.












Complete HardCopy Book, Including the 2 CDRom Set.


Text Box: $50 plus shipping/handling within Continental US.





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Use This Link for Previews of the The Story of the CK722

Including an Audio Segment of the New Carl and Jerry Adventure.




June 2001

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