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Here is an X-Ray View of a 1955 CK722, showing the “Transistor inside a Transistor” construction of most CK722s.




Do you remember “The Boys’ Second Book of Electronics”, by Mr. Alfred Morgan?  You’ll find a review of this classic text (and eight other historic texts) in “The Story of the CK722”.  The photo above shows a CK722 used in a Code practice Oscillator from Mr. Morgan’s text.


If You Remember Those Exciting Days from the 1950s and 1960s, When You Were Able to Buy That First CK722, Then You’ll Want Your Own Copy of:


“The Story of the CK722”







Although the CK722 was made with germanium, Raytheon also made early silicon junction transistors – these are very rare and the earliest (from 1956/57) are colored a brilliant red. According to a Raytheon engineer, blue was used to indicate germanium and red was used for silicon.



Here is an excerpt from The New Adventures of Carl and Jerry, written especially for and included in The Story of the CK722: Carl’s table manners were even worse than usual at dinner.  He was still very excited about the events of the day and couldn’t stop talking about it, even with his mouth full of Mrs. Butler’s excellent meatloaf.  After three helpings of the main course, followed by cherry pie with vanilla ice cream, Carl thanked Jerry’s mom for the dinner and nodded excitedly to Jerry and pointed to the basement door.  They hurried downstairs and stood anxiously around the workbench.  Jerry picked up the earphones attached to the radio, put them to his ears, and connected the battery.  There was a sharp “pop” when the battery made contact, but then silence.  “WHAT DO YOUR HEAR?”, Carl almost shouted in his excitement.  “Any sounds?”  Jerry turned the knob attached to the tuning capacitor, and adjusted it up and down the frequency range.  He thought he heard music and tried to fine tune the adjustment, then he said……….”


You’ll find the complete New C&J Adventure in your CK722 Book, both in written form and narrated on the Audio CD.  Here is a short sound clip from the CD.


Audio Excerpt from the

 New Carl and Jerry Adventure




June 2001

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