By Jack Ward


The Boys Experiment With a CK722 - Their First Transistor

 And Find a Cure For Spring Fever


Warm weather was just beginning to make its appearance.  March had been unusually warm so far this year - it seemed likely that 1953 would provide a generous supply of sunny days.  As a result of the great weather, there was a major outbreak of spring fever at the junior high school.  Carl was having an even harder time than usual paying attention to the classroom discussions.  As far as he was concerned, there were many more interesting things going on outside the school building and he was anxious for the school day to end.  Carl looked over at his friend Jerry, who was tapping at his watch, apparently in an effort to accelerate the “minute” hand and thus shorten the last class of the day.


Finally the school bell rang.  The boys jumped up out of their chairs and ran as quickly as the teacher would allow out the door and down the main school steps.  Without speaking, they continued running and managed to maintain a pretty good pace all the way to Jerry’s house.  Although out of breath from running, both boys called out at the same time, “Was it in the mail today?”  Jerry’s mom had known exactly what to expect when she heard the front door swing open just a few seconds earlier.  Every day for the past two weeks, it had been the same routine.  The boys would come home directly from school, head straight for the hall table where she kept the mail delivered that day, and call out to her, hoping that the package they had ordered had finally arrived.  Today was the day.  “Finally!”, said Carl. “I was beginning to think that this transistor stuff was a hoax.”


The boys thanked Jerry’s mom, quickly took the package and headed off to the basement workshop.  “Transistors are not a hoax”, said Jerry, “ and after we’ve had some time to experiment with what’s in this package, I think you’ll see why I’ve been so excited about these new devices.” Ever since Jerry had received his February issue of Radio and Television News magazine, he had been talking about transistors with such enthusiasm, that even Carl, who usually reserved this level of excitement for Whitey Ford and the Yankees, was eagerly awaiting the chance to actually see and touch one of these little “gems”.