Mike Peebles “Re-Invents” a 45 Year Old CK722 Classic Radio



Here is a front view of Mike’s CK722 Regen Receiver.  The text is a closeup of the label.  See the next page for a detailed layout.

A Modern Update

Mike Peebles recently came across a copy of the original CK722 Transistor Applications book and when he saw Mr. Bohr’s Regen Receiver on page 9, he decided to build one.  Mike is not just your average project builder, but the accomplished kit designer associated with Antique Electronics Supply ( and with The Xtal Set Society (   He does a very professional job, and the results are spectacular!  Just look at the photos on this page and the next!  Mike has created a modern classic based on a very famous 45 year old classic!  (Mike can be reached at



1955 Revisited

When the Raytheon “CK722 Transistor Applications” book appeared in 1955, the first few pages listed radio projects that could be built with the CK722.  One of the most popular of these was on page 9 – a Regenerative Receiver, designed and built by Mr. Edwin Bohr.  This was a “hot” performer for the time, especially since it used only a single CK722 transistor.   According to Mr. Bohr, back in 1955 -  “ The radio is a real performer…from a small country town, in 2 weeks of listening with a 25 ft antenna, 12 stations were recorded!”


I wonder how many young CK722 experimenters have built this radio in the decades since it was first published and stayed awake late at night listening to the rushing sounds of far away places.  Did you?